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Myra Jane's Made the News!!

Myra Jane's Made the News!!

  • Anna Davis

We are very happy and honored that WFXR found our story compelling enough to film a story on us!  Here is the link for you to view.  


Anna Davis remembers her mother as a woman who was always dressed to impress, "her hair was always fixed, you didn't have anyone over, you didn't go to the mailbox unless you were looking nice," says Anna Davis. 

A lesson Davis carried into her life.  Last July Anna Davis lost her mother Myra Jane to breast cancer, and in honor of her life Davis decided to open up an online boutique named after her mother. 

Myra Jane Boutique is an online store that sells trendy clothes from scarves, to earrings, to sweaters.  

Every article of clothing at the store is named something or someone her mother loved, its Anna's way of keeping her mothers spirit alive. 

To check out the online store visit it here, a portion of all of the proceeds go towards breast cancer research. 





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